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UK PM Pressured to Recall Parliament   08/19 06:17

   LONDON (AP) -- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under increasing 
pressure to recall Parliament after leaked government documents warned of 
widespread shortages and border delays if the U.K. leaves the European Union 
without a withdrawal agreement.

   Economists have long predicted such grim scenarios, but Brexit backers have 
dismissed the forecasts as scaremongering.

   The opposition Labour Party's spokesman on Treasury issues, John McDonnell, 
on Monday supported the demands of more than 100 lawmakers who signed a letter 
demanding that Johnson cut short Parliament's summer recess to permit debate on 
the Brexit crisis.

   Johnson is expected to underscore his commitment to leave the EU on Oct. 31, 
with or without a deal, later this week when he meets with German Chancellor 
Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the G-7 summit in 


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