Risk & Profit Consulting

The decisions today’s successful farmer has to make are staggering.  What do we plant this year?  What hedging strategy to use?  What insurance do we buy?  Getting crop insurance, forward contracting and hedging to work in sync is critical for producers to be profitable.

Profitability Analysis  
Nagel recognizes when all risk management tools work together, the combination becomes very powerful. Offering crop insurance services to area producers, helping them manage forward contracting, hedging and overall farm profitability decisions helps producers connect all of the pieces of the risk management puzzle.

Connecting Insurance with grain marketing
At Nagel Crop Insurance Agency we provide more than a disaster plan, it’s a marketing tool that should be used every year regardless of the weather to make sound decisions selling your crop. We are better positioned than other agencies to connect the two activities: risk management and marketing.  Better risk management allows the producer to plan for profit and not react emotionally, even in difficult times.

For more information on how Nagel can become your personal expert financial mechanic please contact our Wye Mills office.
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